From the recording Journeys Through Obscurity

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Black Dog Sniffing
Gibbous moon glides through the sky surfing on the astral breeze
The lake is kissed by the rising mist and the wind brush the tips of the trees
There’s a critter come creeping in the morning ‘bout half past four
Stinkin’ breath like the stench of death come wafting through my screen door
Everything on God’s green earth is as quiet as a mouse
There’s a black dog sniffin’ around my house

It’s a vile sin from bygone days returned to wreck my hard-earned rest
How long must I lie awake thinking of this nocturnal pest?
Garbage can begin a-rattlin’. There’s a-rustling in the overgrown weeds
Lapping & slurping at the birdbath. Slipping through the bog by the reeds
Why am I up pacing the floor? I should be out like a light in the sack.
There’s a black dog sniffing around my shack