From the recording Journeys Through Obscurity

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Town Time Forgot
She walks in the place where the morning dew musses the hair of the night.
Her cowlick twitches like an insect’s antenna at the first strawberry glimmer of light.
Her pale pale hands wave a happy hello to this trembling beast that she caught.
There’s a volcano growing the direction she’s going on the outskirts of the town time forgot.

Her chubby thighs excite me so. They’re groovy to the max.
The legislature will bankrupt me when the levy the horny tax.
My neediness embarrasses me amid the bounty that providence wrought.
Her torso’s a flag she indolently wags by the harbor of the town time forgot.

Her shiny saddle mushroom skin embraces her butt like a leech.
It yields with a prehensile tenderness, a suppleness no yogi can teach.
In the stirrups she flies leaving us guy with the emptiness our hesitance wrought.
Slide down the hole on your fireman’s pole to my hotel room in the town time forgot.