From the recording Journeys Through Obscurity

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Sleeping Baby Nebula
Sleeping Baby Nebula, turns his gaseous head,
Miniature piezoelectric yawn.
Glowing celestial Christmas tree of blacks & blues & reds,
Hovers for a moment, then he's gone.
Above the blue ionosphere, Hubbell takes a peek.
Sleeping Baby Nebula asleep.

Trees are boney fingers beckon me to die.
Hounds of early March tear at my coat.
Clouds are fishes' skeletons dangling in the sky.
He hovers high above me with the crows.
Between the buzzing galaxies, he shimmers like a ghost.
Sleeping Baby Nebula just floats.

Sleeping Baby Nebula rocked by solar winds,
Iridescent twinkling with stars.
Oblivious as the embryonic orchestra begins.
Sleeping wrapped up tightly in my arms.
Calm as baby Moses, drifting down the Nile.
Baby Nebula peaceful for a while.