1. Kong

From the recording Journeys Through Obscurity

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On an island dwelt Kong an eon or two, he started out small but, brother, how he grew.
The bones of the dinosaurs testified to what the bats & the birds & natives all knew.
On that island a volcano blew, but none could spew like Kong could do.

Oh Kong crossed the ocean.
Kong has fled.
Hide your children.
Cover your head.

Kong is long. Kong is strong. Kong succeeds where the others go wrong.
Kong intrudes where he doesn't belong. Kong is even bigger than this dinky song.
Kong's bigger than Texas. Bigger than Sinatra too.
He started out small but Kong grew.
Kong grew.
Kong grew.

Kong drilled the Holland Tunnel. Dug the Marianas Trench with his pole.
Kong plowed the St. Lawrence Seaway. Kong filled the cosmic black hole.
Your puny little world made of stone & steel, Kong smash your world like it isn't even real.
A priapic pile-driving orgone-powered thing
Kong is king.
Kong is king.
Kong is king.
Kong is king.