1. Sweetie Pie

From the recording Journeys Through Obscurity

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Sweetie Pie
We live in an age of omens, auguries, mysteries, portents, prophecies, lies.
Virgins are weeping, Yeti are creeping. Strange lights appearing in the sky.
I awaken from my trance to find you rifling through my pants, unabashed by such a blatant crime.
Nowhere in creation’s a more baffling manifestation of the irrational than you my monkey pie.
You’re irrational my monkey mustard pie.

The goddess bestows her virtues without favor but somehow short changed you my monkey pie.
Your barren heart erases all the common human graces that should naturally by rights therein reside.
Now my sweetie pie now sees, flapping spastic in the breeze, a pale and gleaming pennant unfurled.
Like a vapor on the zephyr, that’s my banner of surrender. I’ll love you ‘til insects rule the world