1. DelGado

From the recording Journeys Through Obscurity

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I know a living horror named DelGado
‘Find ‘em, Kill ‘em, Eat’ em’ is his motto
His eyes are small and cruel like a potato
Flee in haste! He’ll lay your soul to waste! DelGado!

DelGado takes the money from the poor.
Beats ‘em with the wood from off the floor.
Kicks ‘em in the butt until they’re sore.
You are beast to say the very least DelGado!

His morals are depraved and dissolute.
Kneecaps serve as buttons on his suit.
An unrelenting unforgiving brute!
That cliff may be steep but take a flying leap DelGado!

DelGado’s not a man, he is a curse!
DelGado’s not a fiend, he’s something worse!
A monster masquerading as a nurse!
Ride down to hell astride your carousel DelGado!

DelGado isn’t such a picky dude.
He brings a shovel when he cooks his food.
A feeding trough would compliment the mood.
It’s a disgrace the way you cram your face DelGado!