1. The Ranch

From the recording Solo & Live with Some Urgency

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Written for the Cardiff Giant play "Rancho Obscuro"


The Ranch
Ay mi cabeza
My tears drops are making a flood
My bathroom faucet is leaking out drops of my blood
From the window of my condo I witness the darkening sky
I’ll plunder their coffers of silver and westward I’ll ride

To a desert plateau I will go to my stucco hacienda
Feeding my needs with my illegally gained legal tender
My saddlebags are light. They yearn for the heft of your loot
The back of your head will soon wear the tread of my boot

Buff my two-toned wingtips and I’m on my way
My sawed-off fits so snuggly in my attaché
I’ll make my big withdrawal from the downtown branch
And hightail it back to The Ranch

I’ll head for Baja Bay
I’m gonna steal away
A senorita from the first cantina that I see
And run like a rabbit for The Ranch

I’ll cross the Texas sands
I’ll ford the Rio Grande
Shout “Howdy!” to those refugees a-heading the other way
And run like hell for The Ranch

I hope they come for me
I’ve got more guns then the artillery
I’m coked up to the gills and hopping like a jumping bean
Come and see me at The Ranch