1. Bokar

From the recording Solo & Live with Some Urgency

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There’s a town in Wisconsin that you gotta go see
The women all stand and salute when they pee
Men all eat their hamburgers raw
The butcher’s well over three feet tall in Bokar

I went to a restaurant. Who did I see
At the next table over throwing breadsticks at me?
Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, and half the staff of the local Kmart in Bokar

Nothing here makes any sense
There’s a Masonic Temple with a barbed wire fence
City Counsel praise the Pagan Gods
Stir their martinis with divining rods in Bokar

People here they’re out of their gourds
They’re stirrin’ up Kool-Aid with water from Lourdes
Someone tried to sell me a piece of the cross
And a bottle of the Virgin Mary’s Barbeque Sauce in Bokar