And here is what many great artists, critics, and other good natured know-it-all Wisenheimers have written about the wonders of Vernon Tongs aka Spoo Willoughby

Tonges has long been the most vibrant and maniacal performer in a scene full of vibrant maniacs...” - Justin Hayward

— The Chicago Reader

Spoo Willoughby, aka Vernon Tonges, is capable of morphing from an innocent mound of gelatinous self-effacing goo to a towering inferno of volcanic rage in under 5 seconds. A sublime poet and brilliant songwriter, his theatrical whimsy and charm is reminiscent of the late Harpo Marx; in his hands, the mere act of placing a capo on the neck of his guitar becomes a comic struggle to subdue a wild beast. He can upstage any other musician even if he isn't ON the stage, as he did years ago at a gig Rich Krueger and I shared at the Charleston in Chicago; when Vern, sitting at a table, inadvertently set his own hair on fire, we had to take a break. Not only to help put out the fire, but because no one was paying any attention to US. Spoo/Vernon is a fountain of spontaneity and an utterly unique individual whom I am proud to know, and with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing many stages, as a fellow musician, off and on for over 30 years.” - Emily Kaitz

— Emily Kaitz herself

Lotsa nice clever poignant stuff written about Vernon coming real soon